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We have teamed up with a fundraising partner to make a difference and it's a SUPER SIMPLE Profit Share model...
 In a rural village located in Western Zambia, a grass roots non-profit organization has forged ahead against the odds to provide water, shelter and food.
Ensuring self-determination for their community

In 2024 the aims include:

  • Seeking to connect electricity (for the first time)
  • Pump and filter to allow safe drinking water
  • Supplies for a small roadside shopfront
  • Refrigerator
  • Charging hub for the village
  • Extend our education programs
To follow our progress, simply register here
As a thankyou for helping Rain Drops Foundation,
our fundraising partners are also gifting some savings cards to those who share or donate.
It's super easy.
The dining coupons are available in the 

US and CANADA only

Hotel savings are available globally, you can also access vehicle hire and excursion options.